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    Ashlee Simpson: ‘I Have Such a Great New Family’
    February 13th, 2015


    It’s been a busy couple months for Ashlee Simpson Ross. She got married and has been recording new music with her new husbandEvan Ross, the son of the legendary Diana Ross, and just last week she confirmed that she’s expecting her first daughter. Yahoo caught up with Simpson at the launch of Crayola’s Color Alive to talk about motherhood, pregnancy, and her son Bronx’s career aspirations.

    You shared a stage with Diana Ross. What was that like?
    She is the best mother-in-law so it was an awesome experience and Bronx had a blast. I have such a great new family so it’s beautiful.

    Do you get to call her “Mom,” please tell me you get to call her Mom.
    I don’t call her Mom, no. [laughs]

    That’d be like everyone’s dream come true, can you imagine? So how is the second pregnancy going?
    It’s going great, it’s going beautiful. I feel good, I haven’t been sick. I feel wonderful.

    Do you have any cravings?
    I kind of have a sweet tooth…

    Is that like an all the time thing and now you have an excuse?
    Yeah kinda, probably. I have the best excuse.

    Evan, are you nervous? Because Ashlee’s done this before, but this is your first time.
    E: I’m not nervous at all, I’m excited. I can’t wait.

    Once the kid comes you’re going to be like freaking out about everything and Ashlee’s going to be, like, “No, it’s fine, they all do this.”
    E: Yeah, she can talk me through things.
    He’ll be great.

    (Getty Images)

    (Getty Images)

    So you’re here for Crayola Color Alive. Is Bronx a big artist?
    Yes, he loves coloring. Everything Crayola, so we are both thrilled to be here at the launch of Color Alive. We were playing with it last night and Bronx loves it. It’s such an amazing product that really, I think, will change coloring forever. Growing up [we] didn’t have these cool things, but as a mom of a 6-year-old I definitely look for products that can educate and engage and kind of be creative and cool for him and this is exactly that. You download the app and then you color it and you take a picture of it and it comes in 4D. It’s a virtual experience where you can, like, take selfies with you and the character; Bronx was loving it. I did the enchanted fairies… we were all coloring last night.

    Is Bronx a musician like his mother, or his he a musician like his father [Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz]?
    He’s a musician for sure. [laughs] He loves music and he’s into singing and dancing. He wants to be a drummer.

    Is Bronx going to be a good big brother?
    Oh yeah. He’s already a great big brother to his brother, Saint [Wentz’s son with girlfriend Meagan Camper] so he will be a great big brother, and he’s a great cousin to [Jessica Simpson’s children] Maxwell and Ace, so he’s good with the kids. He shares and he shows them how to do things, so it’s wonderful.

    I’ve got a quick mommy lightning round of questions for you:

    What’s your favorite kids’ show?
    Phineas and Ferb

    Best way to get a kid to sleep?
    Having them on a good schedule.

    Favorite lullaby?
    I like the Bob Marley lullabies. “Redemption Song.”

    Best thing about being pregnant?
    Getting to indulge in all the food I like and going on nice walks with my husband after.

    Worst thing?
    I don’t know, it’s pretty exciting. I feel pretty blessed to be pregnant, I feel like it’s bad to say what’s the worst thing… Maybe waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom?


    I’ve also added to the gallery photos of the family at the event, enjoy:

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