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    The Ideal Upcoming Tour Setlist
    January 9th, 2014

    ashlee simpson tour 2014 music live blond

    FAKE RUMOR. But this setlist would be very cool to hear live : )

    As you may know, rumor has it Ashlee will soon announce a new tour this year  making her comeback to the music business, a comeback that we have been waiting for almost five years. So, before we hear something new about this, why don’t we have some fun and help Ashlee to build the ideal tour setlist?

    Here is mine:

    1. Boys
    2. Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)
    3. Boyfriend
    3.  Coming Back For More
    5. Lala
    6. No Time For Tears
    7. Ragdoll
    8. Hot Stuff
    9. Rule Breaker
    10. Shadow
    11. Unreachable
    12. Catch Me When I Fall
    13. Never Dream Alone
    14. In Another Life
    15. Dancing Alone
    16. I Am Me
    17. Invisible
    18. Autobiography
    19. Little Miss Obsessive
    20. Bat For A Heart
    21. Murder
    22. Pieces of Me
    23. L.O.V.E.

    Post your ideal setlist on the comments!

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